Harry Potter



“As usual, Lea has absolutely not let us down with these polishes. I can't even begin to explain how much I love the metallic finish and now that I've finally tried them and discovered the formula is amazing

AbigailPolished Dreams

“Aren't they amazing! It took me a full week to swatch this collection, as each time I put a new colour on I couldn't bear to take it back off again. Every one of them is so bright and eye catching and as mentioned before, so unique!”

BeccaA Certain Becca Nails

“Firstly let me say that these polishes are amongst the best I've tried from an indie company, I was so impressed with everything from the formula to the application. They're also 5 free and vegan friendly!”

VickyThe Polish List

“Each polish has it’s own charm and as a Harry Potter lover I felt that each one really suited it’s name. I spent a week using these and they really have been a joy to use. They are high quality polishes that have a good wear”

SamanthaOh So Pretty Polish
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